Backpack Search for a Trip to Europe

Who loves to carry and drag heavy suitcases while jumping on and off of planes? (Of course, no one) So, If you are planning for an upcoming trip to Europe like me and have to take different flights between countries than you don’t need suitcases that have the tendency to get lost in the blink of an eye. All you need is a backpack that carries your world while you travel the world.


If you plan to travel with a backpack, you need the best kind because essentially it’s going to carry all your worldly goods safely inside during that trip.

So, before jumping onto a plane, I searched weeks for that perfect match and for that, I had to go through the painstaking journey of online search.

So began my journey; the online world:

When I started, I had a clear picture of what I wanted. I wanted a backpack that was;



Had enough space for 10 days of clothing

Worth the price


Most of my search led me to the ones that were not durable, and their material was flimsy even in the photos and the ones that looked a bit decent were way too expensive. Then on Amazon, I found my perfect match. Even though it was a little over my budget but it offered everything I needed; from its good spacious size to amazing anti-theft feature.


Pacsafe Venturesafe X40:


On Amazon, I found this backpack and instantly loved everything about it except that it was electric blue (on the bright side, you can’t lose it in all the grays and blacks and also the black one was priced $100 more.) If you are looking for a backpack that will stand the test of times then look for one made out of durable material. The extra money will definitely be rewarded when your backpack would be still in one piece after years of use.


The best part was that it was too spacious, with measurement 21.7 x 11.9 x 8.7 it accommodated everything that I required for the trip. I was surprised when I got space left even after putting:


7 pair of leggings

10 shirts

2 pair of jeans

About 3 weeks of underwear

My electronics and toiletries

When they say anti-theft, they mean it:


The clip was a little tough to undo but then again it was new and it wasn’t that hard. On each compartment of the backpack, the zippers meet, and the two are looped through an extra piece and hooked, making it almost impossible for anyone to quickly open it while your head is turned.


Slash proof:


The material they have used is termed slashed proof as it stops the thieves from slashing it open. Another feature is the waterproof cover which you can be found at the bottom of the backpack. If you need to carry around a cell phone, camera or tablet, a waterproof pouch can help keep your possessions safe. Nothing is worse than finding soaked clothes and cell phone after a surprise downpour.


Happy shopper:


It’s not easy to find a product online which provides you with everything thing you need. I am usually hesitant when I have to make a purchase online. I don’t buy anything without doing thorough research. So this backpack sat in my Amazon shopping cart for about two and a half weeks, and after looking everywhere I still came back to purchase it. So far I have been very happy with my decision to buy it and if you don’t want to waste your time looking for backpacks then I suggest you click on the link 🙂



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10 Replies to “Backpack Search for a Trip to Europe”

  1. Great info!
    I am always looking for something like this that doesn’t need to be checked into baggage when flying. Can’t wait to hear how it holds up on your trip.

  2. fantastic post, thank you, I also move around a lot and the choice of luggage can be a bit of a nightmare. This backback looks like a sound choice especially if it can be used as a hand luggage on planes, that would certainly save a lot of money. Will check it out on Amazon.

  3. Hello Catherine. These days it is pretty important that when traveling to always go with an anti-theft pack due to uncertainties one might encounter on one’s trip. I basically like anti-theft packs that have hidden zippers and also RFID blocking. Also, slashproof backpacks are also worth having as it gives you that extra security and peace of mind that the items in your bag would be safe. 

    It is pretty cool that Pacsafe Venturesafe X40 has most of these features listed above. I would have to give it a try.

  4. This ‘Packsafe Venturesafe X40’ bag is a great looking bag. The design and features are just what you needed for your upcoming trip, and for saving $100, I could live with the electric blue color. It might even be better, as you will be able to identify your bag from others quickly…

    When traveling these days, there is a need for a secure as possible bag that will fit what you need (the essentials) and also meet the airline standards. It is easier said than done, and I have seen many bags that at first glance seemed good but when you started checking (and reading reviews) were not as good as advertised.

    This one is quite nice, and I am sure that you will have a more stress-free trip, as it meets the criteria that you are looking for plus it is of a manageable size to be lugging around. It has the space you need (you added a LOT in that bag, I was surprised), and it looks great too. Have fun and enjoy your upcoming travels!

  5. The bag you seem to be a good but how can the bag be anti theft ? I could see that it had enough room to accommodate all your cloths . That look like something I will have to look into for myself.

    1. Hello Ian. The bag is classified as anti-theft because of how difficult it would be to get into the bag without the owner noticing, because of the anti-slash fabric and the zipper design where the two zippers meet and are fastened to a third clip, making it impossible to get into the bag undetected.

  6. Your product review prompted me to go and check out the backpack you reviewed because my daughter loves to travel. I enjoyed your many adventures traveling.  Especially traveling alone since she likes to do the same.  It’s nice to know how much of a good time you have as a solo traveler and as a young woman.

    I have shared your blog with her in hopes she can send a few of her own tips and she can learn from yours too.   I look forward to seeing your next upcoming adventures with pictures!

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