Be Sure to Have Waterproof Gear!

EdinburghI was definitely trying to be prepared before my trip to the United Kingdom by reminding myself what the climate is like in that part of the world. So I started my online search for the proper gear to have in a rainstorm in the mountains. Sure enough, as soon as I landed in Edinburgh, I was in the middle of a rainstorm.

Hiking tour

Because of my love for hiking and scenery, I absolutely needed to go on a hiking tour in the West of Scotland. Which meant getting rained on repeatedly. I hopped online and found a waterproof jacket and pants, that had the right measurements and again, was not flimsy.

I ordered a couple of waterproof suits but one of them was too tight around the chest and loose around the stomach. The other had a material that could have been ripped way too easily.

Frogg Toggs

I knew I would never be able to enjoy the scenery and the experience of visiting Scotland if I wasn’t properly clothed. Being rained on and soaked every day until I got back to my room, would not have made for a good trip.

I ordered one more jacket and pants combo. This one fit way better around the chest as well as pant legs that weren’t too long. They came in handy towards the end of the hike on the Quirang. You can buy some here!

The views up there are well worth the hike and getting rained on.

I was also rained on while I waited for the Hogwarts Express to go by! Still, tons of fun.

Heading Down to London

My waterproof gear continued to be of use after my hiking tour was over. (I was very sad to leave Scotland.) I headed down to London from Edinburgh and was in the rain again so it paid to have a full waterproof suit on. The umbrella just couldn’t cut it.

Though I did have a couple of sunny days as I made my way back up north through the birthplace of William Shakespeare; Stratford-upon-Avon and the city of York, then back down through the lake district, which was another beautiful area with an amazing scenery.

Wet Luggage

You don’t want to have to dry your clothes every night. Especially since not every place that you stay at will have the option to use a dryer and your things may still be wet in the morning. I’ve had to dry my socks over a wood stove before, which wasn’t that bad but I had to take my wet things with me out the door the next day.

Be prepared

Long story short, always look up what kind of weather they have in the city or country that you plan to visit!

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