How To Save Money On Accommodation When Traveling Abroad

When you are traveling abroad, you spend a considerable amount of money on the hotels. However, there are some effective tips, which you can follow to cut down these expenses. To make the life easy for you, we thought of letting you know about some guaranteed methods available to score cheap hotels. Any person who travels abroad can follow these tips and you will be able to end up with outstanding results at the end of the day.

Look For Last Minute Deals

Searching for last minute deals is one of the promising methods to secure a cheap hotel. There are some dedicated websites and mobile apps, which can provide you with the ability to go ahead with last minute hotel reservations. It is better if you can start using such websites or apps to locate the last minute hotel deals. Hotel Tonight can be considered as a perfect example for such an app that you can try. By using Hotel Tonight, you can reserve a last minute hotel up to 7 days in advance.

Use AirBnB

Instead of sticking to traditional hotels, you are encouraged to take a look at AirBnB as well. AirBnB came up with the amazing accommodation sharing feature. Therefore, you will be able to stay at a home, while sharing it with the owners. AirBnB also caters group travel. In fact, you will be able to reserve an entire home. This is a cheaper option available to consider than staying at a hotel. Therefore, you will be able to end up reserving your accommodation at an affordable rate.

Use Hostels

If you are a backpacker, of if you are traveling for business purposes, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at the hostels. That’s because you are spending very little time in the accommodation. In fact, you need to accommodation only to spend your nights. The hostels can provide a great assistance to you with that. You can also discover capsule hotels in many parts around the world. A capsule hotel is more than enough for you to spend the night and you can go ahead with it without keeping any doubts in mind.

Go For A Different Neighborhood

The hotels in some neighborhoods have a very high demand. As a result, reserving a cheap hotel room in such a neighborhood will never been an easy thing to do. If you are looking for deals, the best option available would be to look for an alternative neighborhood. When you are staying out from the city center, you can save a considerable amount of extra money. However, you need to make sure that you are not spending more than that to cover up the transportation expenses. Therefore, you need to do a proper comparison before you select a hotel located outside the city center.

Compare Different Sites

While you look for cheap hotels, you are encouraged to open few tabs in your browser and spend some time with comparing the deals. Then you will notice that the same hotel is being priced in different apps for different prices. If you can compare these sites, you will be able to end up with the best possible rates at the end of the day.

Try To Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees

When you are booking a hotel in a foreign country using your credit card, there will be a foreign transaction fee. You need to be mindful about this. That’s where you can do your own research and figure out what credit card can provide you with the lowest possible foreign transaction fee. If there is no foreign transaction fee on a specific credit card, you can go ahead with that. Or else, you can select pay later option if available and make the payment using cash when you are checking into the hotel.

Sign up for a hotel loyalty program

If you are a person who travels abroad frequently, you are strongly encouraged to think about signing up for a hotel loyalty program. The hotels love their loyal customers. As a result, the hotels tend to provide a variety of exciting discounts to them. When you sign up for a hotel loyalty program, you can go ahead with these discounts. You can look for more information on these hotel loyalty programs on the hotel website or in third party websites.

Use Your Miles

If you have airline miles, you can simply use them to get discounts on the hotel rooms as well. You just need to look for the opportunities that allow you to do it. Most of the airlines are partnered with the popular hotel chains out there in the world to provide you with these deals. This is another effective tip that frequent travelers will be able to try.

Find Credit Card Deals

Your credit card comes along with a variety of exciting deals. They include out of country hotel deals as well. All you have to do is to visit the Offers page of your credit card on the internet and search on what deals you are entitled to. You can also call your credit card and get more information on the offers that are available. These credit card deals can provide you with the chance to save a lot of money as well.

Final Words

As you can see, saving money on hotels when traveling abroad is not something difficult. You can do it without facing any hassle or frustration at all. All you have to do is to locate the right method and secure the deals that are available. Then you will be able to travel on a foreign country and enjoy your time, without breaking the bank.

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