Trusty Purple Suitcase

It is great to have a reliable suitcase when you’re on your travels. But every trip and vacation is different and depending on your plans you may need to switch up your gear.


It is also a good idea to have luggage that is unique and easy to spot, to save you time while you’re searching for it among other suitcases. As well as my awesome purple carry on suitcase, I have a bright red suitcase with golden elephants all over it. You know I will never miss that thing at baggage claim.


People underestimate the power of a carry on suitcase. I’ve used a carry on bag as my sole luggage in the past and it was more than enough. For my trip to the UK, I fit two weeks worth of clothing into it, as well as the things that I bought while I was there like my waterproof ear, Scotland t-shirts, toys for my son and Chocolates from Oban. I’m pretty sure that I did not even wear some of the things that I packed. Super spacious suitcase at 13in x 21in x 9in

Invest in some purple luggage!

Of course there is a wide price range for luggage out there, but finding a reliable suitcase for a cheaper price is definitely doable. I myself could never spend more than maybe $125 on luggage, though. Not even close. You can get yours here:

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3 Replies to “Trusty Purple Suitcase”

  1. Those look really nice. I have a simple bag and tend to just throw everything in like a crazy woman. Only time I’ve actually traveled on long distances were in an emergency so it was just scoop, dump, and go. Would have been nice to be a bit more organized and keep everything neat like these.

  2. I also have a bag just like this and I use it for my travels.

    I do advice people to always get a bag made of leather since they last longer.

  3. I’ve been looking for a good solid suitcase for my next holiday. This seems to tick all the boxes for me, hence I will be looking into purchasing this. Thanks a lot.

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